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Dutch..? Dutch!

23-11-’06  A new site is launched with specific information for Dutch readers on izalinecalister. nl ».
(Dutch) Een nieuwe site is geopend met informatie in het Nederlands voor Nederlandse fans en muziekliefhebbers. Kijk op izalinecalister .nl ».

Singing stories

13-12-’06  For literature-festival ‘Winternachten’ Izaline compiled a pogram with songs based on folk-tales from different countries and cultures. Most of the songs are new and original compositions by Izaline and her accompanying musicians, Ed Verhoeff (guit), Frans van der Hoeven (bass) and Roël Calister (perc).
Later this year, Izaline will travel the world with this program to perform in Curaçao, Surinam and South-Africa amongst others.

First concert on January 13 ’07, in Theater a/h Spui, Den Haag, as part of the ‘Winternachten’-festival. Details ».

‘Queen of the Antilles’

05-12-’06  October this year, Izaline and band toured Aruba and Curaçao for a series of successfull concerts. Reporter Jean-Paul Heck, traveling along with the crew, wrote an illustrated travelogue entitled Koningin van de Antillen. It’s published in this winter’s edition of magazine Jazzism. Now available in (Dutch) bookstalls.
Her Royal Highness

29-11-’06  During the annual ‘Koninkrijksconcert’ Izaline will perform with her own band before HRH Máxima, Princess of the Netherlands. The concert is on December 15 in Amersfoort. More on (Photo: RVD)

04-12-’06  Both performances of ‘Dubbelspel’ in Paradiso were a great success. The house sold out twice. Standing ovations for singers, actors and Mark Rutte. Special attendance of the author mr. Frank Martinus Arion and the mayor of Amsterdam mr. Job Cohen. More pictures ».

27-11-’06  Izaline will play the singing part of ‘Nora’ in a so-called theatric reading of the novel ‘Dubbelspel’ by F. Martinus Arion.
In this book four men from Curaçao play their weekly game of domino. But the secrets they have been building up between them are the cause of big trouble that Sunday-afternoon...
The performance is on Sunday, December 3 in Paradiso.

Kanta Hélele, lyrics and translations

08-09-’06  The lyrics are now made available on this site. For lyrics and translations in English, click ».
Hélele in Holland
05-10-’06  Dit theaterseizoen toert Izaline met haar band langs de Nederlandse theaters. Het programma bestaat voornamelijk uit eigen materiaal van haar nieuwste cd ‘Kanta Hélele’. Ga naar de concertpagina » voor plaatsen en data.

World wide release ‘Kanta Hélele’

27-04-’06  The fourth cd of Izaline is released on May 1st. From that day the cd is available in shops all over the world. Check your local store, or order through this site ».

11-04-’06  The title ‘Kanta Hélele’ translates as ‘Sing Hélele’. ‘Hélele’ is… Read on »

25-04-’06  Reviews » of ‘Kanta Hélele’.

Metropole and Izaline - last chance!
23-10-’06  Don’t miss this third and last opportunity to enjoy Izaline’s stunning performance with the Metropole Orkest on November 18, in the Goudsche Schouwburg », Gouda. She enjoys very much the concerts with the Metropole. And it shows! Check the pictures ».

Hélele-tour Aruba/Kòrsou great success!
17-10-’06  Check out these heartwarming reactions and beautiful pictures.

Reactions Guestbook » (mostly Papiamentu) » (Dutch) »
Pictures Gallery 1 ». ©2006 VMGV
Gallery 2 ». Aruba. Photography by Nelson ‘Speed’ Andrade.
Gallery 3 ». Curaçao. Photography by Normelyn Soleana.
Press Local press », a.o. Antilliaans Dagblad, Extra, Amigoe.
Read the interview in Antilliaans Dagblad » (Dutch).

Metropole and Izaline - radio-broadcast
08-11-’06  Monday, November 13, a recording of the concert of Izaline and Metropole Orkest is being broadcasted for Dutch radio 4FM by NPS. Details on NPS-site ».
Izaline sings with strings
29-09-’06  Izaline is proud and happy to announce that a project is being prepared featuring the Metropole Orchestra and herself. The fully equipped orchestra employs some 60 musicians, playing a wide range of styles, from classical to pop to jazz music. The orchestra, conducted by Vince Mendoza, records fimscores and cooperates with the national Dutch broadcasting organizations, accompanying the greatest of names in (inter)national music.
Their top-arranger Jim McNeely is engaged to orchestrate pieces of Izaline’s own material, Brasilian songs of Ivan Lins and jazz-standards to fill up three concerts. Performances will be in October and November. Check the tourdates-page ».
Concerts produced by JazzImpuls ». More Metropole on ».

Izaline is coming home!
28-08-’06  A small 'Hélele'-tour is being scheduled to the Dutch Antilles. October 11 and 12 Izaline will perform on Aruba, and October 14 and 15 on Curaçao. She'll bring the band in full line-up » for four great 'singalong'-concerts. (Read more »).

Free Lyrics-folder
08-09-’06  Specially for the audiences in Curaçao, the lyrics of the new songs are published in a printed folder to fit into the cd-cover of your Kanta Hélele-copy. For everyone who feels inspired to sing along. (Read on »)

Most emotional weekend in Graz (A.)
11-08-’06  August 7 and 8 Izaline and band experienced one of the freakiest tour-weekends ever. Including great success ànd hospital-visit. Tourmanager Rolien made a short report, including a few pictures. Go to » to read all about it (Dutch)!
Vondelpark, Amsterdam
24-08-’06  Visit » for some excellent portraits of Izaline and bandmembers during the concert in the Vondelpark on August 21. Many thanks to photographer Govert Driessen » for catching some great moments.
UITmarkt 2006
On this year's edition of the traditional opening of the theatre-season Izaline sings with the Holland Big Band, conducted by Loet van der Lee. Be there on Saturday August 26. More on UITmarkt-site »

Guest in live radio-show
16-08-’06  Tune in to Dutch national radioshow ‘Capuccino’ on Saturday August 19. Broadcast starts at 9:00, Izaline is invited to sit in from 11:00 on. NCRV radio 2.
North Sea, North Sea
10-05-’06  As will be announced today, Izaline is invited to play on the North Sea Jazzfestival twice. Once with her own band, performing her newly recorded material. Izaline will do a second concert co-starring with Lilian Vieira and the Cubop City Bigband. Both concerts are planned for Sunday, July 16. Find the entire program on the NSJ-festivalsite ».
12-06-’06  Two Dutch magazines feature Izaline in their current editions. In ‘Contrast’ an interview » about the music on ‘Kanta Hélele’. In this week’s ‘HP/De Tijd’ an insight in the personal life of Izaline » with a beautiful picture of Izaline in black and white by photographer Jos Lammers.

WMCE Top 20

02-06-’06  This month, June 2006, the cd ‘Kanta Hélele’ entered the World Music Charts Europe at number 17, right behind Cesaria Evora’s newest release. The prestigious WMCE Top 20 is composed by producers and presenters of worldmusic-programs of the biggest radiostations and magazines in Europe. More on the WMCE-site ».

Live radio-interview
08-06-’06  Izaline will do a live interview in radio-show ‘1opdeMiddag’, on Dutch radio 1. broadcast on June 8, 14:00 h. A recording can be heard on demand through the radio1-site ».
Tv-show: one big great hit!
22-05-’06  The recordings for the live tv-show NPS Arena turned out to be really special, thanks to the greatest audience in the world!

Once again the BIMhuis was in a blaze
. Due to the enormous interest, the planned chat-session with Izaline after the concert had to be cancelled. Servers could not process the excessive traffic. But the concert is, or will be, available on the internet, through the NPS-site ».
Concert »
Soundcheck »

Great reception new cd
08-05-’06  (Sunday, May 7th) With a tremendous concert before a packed house at BIMhuis, Amsterdam, Izaline presented her new cd ‘Kanta Hélele’ to the world. The atmosphere was magical, the audience ecstatic. Izaline likes to thank everybody for their warm reception, kind words and support. Check the pictures ».

Dunya festival
08-05-’06  Izaline and band will feature on the well-known Dunya-festival in Rotterdam on Sunday, May 28. Showtime is set at 19:00. Details on the Dunya-site ».
Live radio performance
20-05-’06  Saturday, May 20, Izaline and band will be musical guests on the TROS-program ‘Muziekcafé’. Braodcast starts 16:00, on radio 2. Details »
Live radio on Saturday
08-05-’06  Izaline will be the musical guest in the VARA-radioshow ‘Spijkers met Koppen’ on (Dutch) radio 2. Broadcast is on Saturday, May 13, from 12.00 to 14.00. To attend the show, click ».

Kanta Hélele in BIMhuis, Amsterdam
20-04-’06  The official presentation of the new cd is planned for Sunday, May 7. In a live concert Izaline and band will premiere the newly recorded repertoire. The first public performance of Kanta Hélele will be in the BIMhuis, showtime 14.30. Get your tickets or reservations through

‘Why eleven Antillians kneeled before the heart of Chopin’
09-03-’06  Writer Jan Brokken wrote a book on Antillian music, called ‘Waarom elf Antillianen knielden voor het hart van Chopin’. In this book Izaline is high-lighted amongst 10 other colleague-musicians. Saturday, March 17, the book will be presented with a small live concert of Izaline and band. Jan Brokken will read some passages from the book. The event takes place in Rotterdam (Oude Luxor Theater).
For the best things in life
08-03-’06  Magazine ‘Red’ features Izaline in their beauty-column ‘Van Top Tot Teen’. Check out the March 2006 edition.

Meeting Toots
09-01-’06  Izaline was very excited to meet and play with Toots Thielemans in a sold out and wildly enthousiastic Concertgebouw. Check the pictures!