Related and interesting sites


STROOM, management and bookings.

Incrowd Entertainment, promotor for ‘Speransa’.


Charming Minyeshu from Ethiopia.

Lots of info and pictures on Leoni Jansen and her projects. She directed the ‘Lentenacht’-show for Izaline and Raymi Sambo.

Site of singer Tineke Scholten.

The wonderfull world of Astrid Seriese.

The virtual home of Manickam Yogeswaran, singer & percussionist

Music and pictures of singin’ girlfriend Sarina Voorn. This site was made by herself!

Giovanca Ostiana, who’s becoming a big name right now!

Musicians, bands

In 2008, Izaline did a very inspiring tour with the Ricciotti Ensemble.

Roël Calister, drummer, percussionist, bro.

Ed Verhoeff, guitarplayer.

Bart de Win, piano.

Site of bass-player Reno Steba.

Finally his own site, percussion-giant from Curaçao: Pernell Saturnino.

Check out: pictures, schedule and more of percussionist Martin Verdonk.

Site of bigband based in Groningen, NL.

Official site of pianist, composer and arranger Randal Corsen.

Home-page of saxophone-player Tony Lakatos.

Percussionist and bandleader Gerardo Rosales from Venezuela.

Zuco 103, Brazilian style with Lilian Vieira. Beautiful design!

Boi Akih, the worldbeat formation with singer Monika Akihary and guitarplayer Niels Brouwer.

Kara Dara, the formation of guitar-player Andro Biswane.

Site of Paoli Meijas: a great percussion player from Puerto Rico and a wonderfull friend.

Description of Dissidenten live in Europe with participation of Izaline.

EXIL-site in German and English, with a description of the CD and bio.


The photographer who made the beautiful pictures of Izaline for the CD and this site.

Andrey Zavialov.

‘Genieten mag’, site of photographer Lyda Hubers, with pictures of the performance on Uitmarkt.

Guus Quaedvlieg, lots of pictures of (North Sea) Jazz-legends.


Pictures and video of Izaline recorded by TV-station NPS for the ‘Output’-show.

Theatre-show ‘Made in Holland’

Miscellaneous, site with lotsa links.

Another site with lotsa links.

Multi Culti Lingui Media Ideas. ‘A moral support to Aruban and Antillean students in the Netherlands.’

Lots af links to international jazz-sites.

Portal of Curaçao with extensive information about the island for local citizens and foreigners. With tips and background information about the ‘Island-life’.

February 2001, Izaline won the Tumbafestival in Curaçao. As a result of that, she toured the island as Tumbaqueen, singing the winning song. Site with pictures and a soundfile.

Curacaofreaks, lots of links to Curaçao-sites. Find your way into culture, tourism, food, etc, etc. (Mainly in Dutch)

Site about the Papiamentu language. Includes basic vocabulary and a ‘first lesson’.

Snuggery site by enthousiastic fans of theatre-shows ‘She Got Game’ and ‘Made in Holland’. Dutch.

Site of recordcompany of Oswin ‘Chin’ Behilia with a nice picture of Izaline performing with Chin.

Extended article on tambú, its history and origin, by Rene V. Rosalia.

Dutch. A personal, cosy site about the Dutch Antilles.

More about the CD ‘Soño Di Un Muhé’.

Order Speransa through this site.