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Premiere of ‘Nomads’ very successfull!

Izaline Calister, Julya Lo’ko and Lilian Vieira present the theatre-concert ‘Nomads’. Three great singers who choose to travel around the world, adapting their personal styles and their ways of live. A lifetime of musical discovery. Where do they feel at home? How did they meet? What do they have in common? Where do they want to go?
The show premiered at Leiden, on 10 November.

Review by Stan Rijven in Trouw, 12-11-2010 (Dutch).
Review on Cultuurpodium.

The three women know how to celebrate their musical journey with a lot of laughter. They enjoy and inspire the audience and each other with their beautiful songs and stories of their childhood, and with challenging new songs. Singing in half a dozen different languages: Papiamentu, Spanish, Malaisian, English, Portuguese and the language of their homeland: Dutch.

Check the schedule for dates and venues.

Nomads on ‘Zo Raymann’

11-12-’11  Izaline Calister, Julya Lo’ko and Lilian Vieira wil feature in TV-show of Jurgen Raymann tonight.

They will perform the song ‘Vaderland’, written by Frank Boeijen. The song is part of the theatre-show ‘Nomads’. For dates and venues of the theatre-tour, please click here.

The tv show starts Sundaynight, at 23.00.

Di Fiesta now available for Holland!

21-10-’11  Izaline’s Christmas cd ‘Di Fiesta’ is now available through this site. Read a review (Dutch) here.To order, click here.

My first Xmas- and NewYear-cd!

21-10-’11  My new CD is ready! It’s called ‘Di Fiesta’ and the songs on it in one way or another are all very close to me. I'd like you to consider them as my gifts to you: 13 musical presents from ‘Mother Xmas’ Izaline :) As the holiday season is almost upon us and a new year beckons, I would love for you to join me in this festive mood I’m in.

Photography: Brett Russel

‘Di Fiesta’ is the way we describe in Papiamento the feeling of being in a festive mood. The CD is filled with cheerful Christmas and New Year songs. Some of the songs people from the Dutch Caribbean grew up with. Others are familiar in other languages but were translated into Papiamento. I even wrote a few new ones and hope you will like them.

For the CD I invited a few of my musical friends to celebrate with me. For instance, my friend Yumarya and I sing a great salsa together. Then there's a very festive track by ‘Grupo di Betico’ from Aruba with me as their lead-singer. Very special to me is a 2001 recording I found of a Christmas Show presentation by Nydia Ecury. I added new music and the voices of singing children to her words and included the track as a tribute to this great artist.
‘Di Fiesta’ will soon be available at Mensing’s Caminada (Curaçao) and some selected shops on Aruba. We’ll keep you posted!

To all fans in The Netherlands: ‘Di Fiesta’ is now available through this site. Click here.

To buy online MP3’s of ‘di Fiesta’ cd, CLICK.

Songlines magazine features ‘Mi Pais’

30-07-’11  The opening-track ’Mi Pais’ of the album ‘Speransa’ is a beautiful hommage of Izaline to her native island Curaçao.

It features this month's bonus cd insert ‘Dutch Delta Sounds’ in the prestigious worldmusic magazine Songlines.

Touring India

20-01-’11  In February Izaline plays a series of concerts in Mumbai, India, as a part of the ‘Dutch Jazz Expedition’. She is accompanied by pianist Mike Del Ferro and his trio.

Check the schedule for dates and venues.
More on dutchjazzagency.nl

Izaline plays with Eric Vloeimans

18-05-’11  Izaline Calister featuring trumpeter Eric Vloeimans in a special Caribbean setting! Don’t miss this one!!

’s Hertogenbosch, Jazz in Duketown, 10 June, www.jazzinduketown.nl.

Amersfoort, Global Village-festival, Monday 17 June, www.globalvillagefestival.eu.


18-05-’11  Together with a whole bunch of great other professionals, Izaline is invited to be part in a series of free(!) workshops for young and talented singers in (the vicinity of) Rotterdam. Izaline's workshop is on Saturday 11 June, 2011.

More info and subscription on www.musicmatters.nu.

Tv-interview Sunday 5 June

28-05-’11  A re-run of tv-show ‘Het Vermoeden’ (‘The Surmise’) with Izaline being interrogated by host Annemiek Schrijver next Sunday, 5 june.

In the tv-show guests are interviewed about their personal feelings and ideas on topics as religion, spirituality and inner motivation. Broadcast onSunday, June 5, 11:00, Nederland 2. Or see the interview at www.hetvermoeden.tv.

Izaline on Curaçao

28-05-’11  Izaline is invited as special guest in Curaçao super talent show.

Izaline wil perform on Saturday 28 May on the live tv-show ‘Curastars’. More on www.curastars.com.

Bevrijdingsdag with Arifa!

02-05-’11  Izaline sings with quartet Arifa on 5 May, 15.30 - 19.30 in front of Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam West.

Arifa is featuring 3 divas of world music, with next to Izaline, Ghalia Benali (Tunisia) and Lilian Vieira (Brasil).

More on www.podiummozaiek.nl.


04-03-’11  Izaline is planning to give a workshop singing in April in Den Haag. She will enlighten students on interpretation and presentation.

Workshops will last all day on Saturday, 9 April, and Izaline joines forces with singer Katia Maria, who's a trained CVT-coach.

More info and how to subscribe (Dutch).

‘De Nieuwe Liefde’

29-03-’11  In a program called ‘Curaçao Tussen Gisteren En Morgen’ Izaline performs together with Raymi Sambo. Venue is De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam. More on www.denieuweliefde.com.

Izaline goes X-Large with Leoni Jansen

19-01-’11  Izaline is performing in a benefit-concert with a marvellous show, called She Got Game XL.

The concert is on 24 January, in Theater a/d Parade, 's Hertogenbosch, and is a fantastic musical show with dazzling performances of, next to Izaline, Minyeshu, Nurlaila Karim and seven other great voices. The best songs in pop, rock, folk and worldmusic. It is hosted by Leoni Jansen.

Revenues are donated to Foundation 'Good News Centres Kenya' that builds schools and feeds children in the slums of N
airobi. INFO