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12-12-’07  At the moment Izaline is being hampered by unexpected voiceproblems. Her doctors prescribed voice-rest so we were forced to cancell some performances. We are making sure Izaline is getting all the medical attention needed to get her voice back in top fit condition.

We wish Izaline all the best!

The management

Tour-report in ‘De Telegraaf’

19-11-’07  Last Saturday, newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ published the report of Jean-Paul Heck of the tour Izaline and band did last year on Aruba and Curaçao. Read article (Dutch).


30-08-’07  An interview of reporter Illand Pietersma with Izaline in connection with the documentary ‘Lady sings the tambú’. Dutch, with a lovely photo by Jan Willem van Vliet. To read it, follow this link.

Premiere for Surinam

20-11-’07  ‘Lady sings the Tambú’ is being screened in Paramaribo, Surinam on December 8. Izaline and director Miluska Rosalina are invited to attend the premiere. More on www.thebacklot.sr.


15-10-’07  Sunday, October 28, there was a special program in connection with the ‘Bijbel10daagse’ on Dutch TV-station Nederland 2. Izaline was invited for a small concert. Izaline sang ‘Nos Tata’ (The Lord’s Prayer in Papiamentu) and ‘Kanta Hélele’ (lyrics and translation).

TV-broadcast of documentary

14-11-’07  The documentary about Izaline Calister is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday, November 18, in a series called ‘Uur van de Wolf’, on Dutch TV-channel 2 at 18.15.

The documentary was shot in a period of about eightteen months, starting December 2005. Accidentally, over this period Izaline was preparing for a theatre-show with the Peter Beets-trio, rehearsing songs of the musical ‘Porgy and Bess’. Also as part of her preparation Izaline took singing-lessons with ‘First Lady of Swing’ Rita Reys.

In December 2005 Izaline performed in The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw and jazz-legend Toots Thielemans. The footage that was shot during that concert is used as framestory for the documentary-film.

Furthermore, we see Izaline on Curaçao in conversations with several experts on ‘tambú’, that is a highly historic dance-, cultural and musical style on Curaçao. As it turnes out, even Izaline's father has been active as tambú-singer. The documentary, fully called ‘Izaline Calister - Lady sings the Tambú’ was directed by Miluska Rosalina and produced by Memphis Film & Television.

‘Lady sings the Tambú’

21-09-’07  A camera-crew followed Izaline for two years at several concerts, rehearsals and on a travel to Curaçao. Interviews were recorded with her father and others.
The footage has been cut into a 50-minutes documentary film, directed by Miluska Rosalina and produced by Eline van Wees of Memphis Film.


The documentary-film about Izaline and her music is fully called ‘Izaline Calister - Lady Sings The Tambú’. It premiered on September 30, ’07 on the ‘Nederlands Film Festival’, with public exhibitions in the week after.

T V - B R O A D C A S T

TV-broadcast of the film on Dutch television is planned for November 18 (2007), in the series called ‘Het Uur van de Wolf’ (Nederland 2).

Hello Bandung!

26-08-’07  Momentary, Izaline is visiting the isle of Java (Indonesia) to give a few concerts. The first presentation in Bandung turned out to be a great success. An audience of approx 500 appreciated very much the music and voice of Izaline, who is happy and surprised to find her music is recieved so well in this part of the world.

She is accompanied by Ed Verhoeff on guitar and Roël Calister on percussion.

Changá!-tour successfull

23-08-’07  Izaline just got back from touring the isles of Curaçao and Aruba with theatre-show Changá!, directed by John Leerdam.

In the picture: Chairman of the Leerdam-Foundation Noraly Beyer and singer Denise Jannah posing with Izaline. More pictures ».

To Curaçao

09-07-’07  Next month Izaline travels to Curaçao and Aruba for a tour with ‘Changa’, a musical theater-performance with Dutch celebrities Mark Rutte and actor/presenter Raymi Sambo. Izaline will be singing and acting in the performance that is directed by Antillean theater-maker and Dutch member of parliament John Leerdam.

More information on Antillen.nu (Dutch).

Antillean party in NY

22-06-’07  ‘Izaline and band made an impresssion in New York’, according to Diederik van Hoogstraten on the Volkskrant-blog (Dutch).

Remarkable rendez-vous

20-05-’07  On what turned out to be a ‘Tribute to Chin’-concert, Izaline met with Tania Kross and Curaçao’s legendary guitar- and bass-player Julián Coco. In a fully packed house at Vredenburg, Utrecht, Chin and Izaline repeated their duo-performance of last week on Curaçao, next to a feature of mezzo soprano Tania Kross, singing songs of Chin’s oeuvre. With Eric Calmes (bass), Ulrich de Jesus (guit), Randal Corsen (pno) and Arlette Koeijers on backings and percussion, the band featured some old-members of the Izaline Calister band.

In the picture: Chin, Tania, Izaline and ‘Shon’ Coco. More pictures ».

Concert-recording on the internet (Picture: NOS)

06-05-’07  The concert on May 5 for ‘National Liberation Day’ (Bevrijdingsdag) can be played on demand through the site of the NOS. Izaline is accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra. Concert attended by HRH Queen Beatrix.

Izaline sings ‘Kanta Héléle’ and ‘Plegaria’, standing on a floating platform. ‘Plegaria’ was composed by Oswin ‘Chin’ Behilia and is also known as the ‘second National Hymn of Curaçao’.

A beautiful language to sing in

08-03-’07  An interview in Dutch newspaper ‘Trouw’ on the recent recognition of Papiamentu as one of the official languages of Curaçao. Read article ».

More on the Papiamentu language through papiamentu.com »

Start spreading the news

28-05-’07  In June Izaline is visiting New York with her entire band for a series of three concerts. She will be singing songs from her latest album, Kanta Hélele.
One of the concerts is on June 19 at Joe’s Pub. Other dates and venues on the Concertschedule.

Live in Amsterdam

08-06-’07  Friday, June 22, Izaline performs with her band in the Bimhuis. For information and reservations, check www.bimhuis.nl.

Band line-up
piano en melodica - José Lopretti (Uruguay)
gitaren - Ed Verhoeff (Nederland)
bas - Reno Steba (Aruba)
drums en percussie - Roël Calister (Curaçao)
zang - Giovanca Ostiana (Curaçao)

‘Chin’ and Izaline: great combination!

18-05-’07  Next Sunday, Izaline performs with the great Chin Behilia on the ‘Culturele Zondagen’ in Vredenburg, Utrecht. In the picture Izaline sharing stage with Chin at the Mother’s day performance last weekend on Curaçao. The concerts were very successfull with some 2,500 people in the audience and live broadcast on Curaçao-TV.

Benefit-concerts, Curaçao

06-05-’07  Next Sunday, Mother’s Day, Izaline stars in two concerts on Curaçao. With perfomances by ‘Chin’ Behilia, Ced Ride, GIO and more of the fine-fleur of Curaçao’s rich musical scene. Revenues are for the GOG-children’s home.

Izaline sings Porgy and Bess

06-11-’06  Pictures » (concert in Den Haag)
05-11-’06  Review (Dutch) on CultuurPodium »

05-11-’06  Accompanied by the Peter Beets-trio, Izaline gives a series of so-called ‘double-bill’ concerts in Dutch venues. She’ll be singing songs from the famous musical ‘Porgy and Bess’ by George Gershwin. The project premiered at November 3, in the Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag. All concertdates on the schedulepage ».
The ‘double-bill’ concerts are a production of JazzImpuls ».

With the Cubop City Bigband

10-04-’07  Pictures of this weekend’s gig at the BIM-huis by Fred van Wulften. Check it out! ».

Singing for the Queen

11-04-’07  May 5 it’s the ‘National Liberation Day’ (Bevrijdingsdag) to celebrate the end of WWII nationwide in the Netherlands. Izaline is invited to sing on the traditional concert with the Metropole Orchestra in Amsterdam on the river Amstel. The concert is usually attended by HRH Queen Beatrix and is being televised live on national TV.

Izaline will sing her own ‘Kanta Héléle’ and ‘Plegaria’ (also known as the second National Hymn of Curaçao) by Oswin ‘Chin’ Behilia. More on the site of the Dutch ‘National Comité 4 en 5 mei’.

Izaline, one of the ‘Latin Diva’s’

31-03-’07  This April, Izaline tours Dutch theaters in a show with the Cubop City Bigband. Conducted by Dutch drummer Lucas van Merwijk, the concert is a heart-warming reminiscence of the early years of Cuban salsa. Izaline stars together with singers Yma America and Miguel Montenegro.

Izaline is Singing Stories on the Antilles

18-03-’07  The ‘Singing Stories’-show Izaline put together for the Winternachten-festival will traval next week through the Antilles. Concerts are planned in concerthalls and schools. Izaline will be accompanied by Ed Verhoeff on guitar and special guest Pernell Saturnino on percussion.

‘Izaline Calister keeps Curaçao on the musical map’

19-02-’07  A flattering cd-review by Tom Orr on the site of Rootsworld. Read more »

Curaçao: 3 times top-100

10-01-’07  Izaline is honoured and proud to find three songs of her latest album ‘Kanta Hélele’ reaching last year’s radio top-100 of Curaçao, with the title-song occupying the 2nd position! The other two songs, both former nrs. 1, are Kasa Ku Mi (45) and Mitar Di Shete (66). Izaline ta yama masha danki na Curom, Mi 96, Z 86, 88 Rockorsou i speshalmente pueblo di Kòrsou! Top 100 2006 »