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05-12-’04  Free concerts on Curaçao and Aruba
The ‘Koninkrijksstatuut’ is a document in wich the relations between the Netherlands and the Dutch Antilles is established within the Dutch Kingdom. This year, in December, it is 50 years ago drafted. To commemorate this, the Dutch gouvernment organizes a series of free concerts on the Dutch Antilles and Aruba. Izaline is invited for 2 performances on December 22 and 23. For details, check the schedule.
22-11-’04  100 women
A special day against violence is organized by Amnesty International. 100 women are invited on December 10 to come together during the day called ‘Stop violence against women’. Izaline wil take part in the event to express her concern and involvement among with Dutch actrices, singers, politicians, businesswomen, etc.
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18-11-’04  Singing with George Duke
Pianist/keyboarder George Duke is rewarded with the Edison oeuvre-award 2004. Izaline is invited to perform with George Duke, who will take his 10-piece band for a concert during the Edison presentation show on Monday, November 22. The presentation is in De Doelen, Rotterdam.

5-11-’04  80th birthday NCRV-radio
A jubilee concert is being organised for the NCRV broadcasting company. Among many Dutch artists Izaline is invited too. She will be singing the 30’s hitsong ‘Meneer Dinges weet niet wat swing is’, from the famous duo Johnny & Jones. The concert is given on Sunday, November 14 in theatre Orpheus, Apeldoorn, and will be transmitted on NCRV-radio later that night.
23-10-’04  Antillean Tour
Early in November, Izaline takes the whole band to the ABC-isles on the ‘Antillean Tour’. For the first time, Izaline will perform live on Aruba and Bonaire. Next to three eveningshows, a familyday is being organised on Sunday-afternoon in the garden of the Curaçaosch Museum. The program is varied, with oa Trinchera for an early tambú.
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23-10-’04  Radioshow Globaal Kabaal
Friday, October 21, Izaline was invited for the Dutch radio-show ‘Globaal Kabaal’. Listen to a recording of the program with an interview and Izaline’s choice of music, through this link:

25-10-’04  Singing for The Queen.
The new (Dutch) edition of The Bible in a contempary translation, will be presented in an official meeting, attended by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. Izaline is very honoured to be invited as a part of the musical framing. The program will be broadcasted on Wednesday, October 27. Nederland 1, 21.00 h. | PICTURES

28-09-’04  Exa Award
In one of this year’s cultural categories of ‘The Caribbean Exa Award’ a prize is awarded to Izaline. Other artists considered for an award are Eddy Herrera from Santo Domingo, Joe Arroyo from Colombia and Grupo Voz Veis from Venezuela. Izaline will be on Curaçao in October to accept the award. The presentation will be televised for local broadcasting.
27-08-’04  This season, Izaline is invited for two seperate theatre-tours. Search the dates and venues through the interactive map to find a concert in a theatre near you.

26-08-’04  In duet with Raymann
To promote both their coming theatershows, Izaline will sing a duet with the famous stand-up comedian Jörgen Raymann on the UITmarkt, Amsterdam, this Sunday. Apart from Izaline, more Dutch artists like Gordon, Hind and the Birgit Lewis Gospel Train are invited. The show is called ‘Op de koffie bij Jörgen Raymann’ and starts at 11:00 pm on the Museumplein. More on | PICTURES

22-08-’04  Live TV-performance
On Friday, 27 of August, Izaline will perform her No. 1 hitsong ‘Wow’i karinõ’ live on Dutch television (VARA - Ned 3). She will be accompanied by the famous Dutch New Cool Collective Orchestra in a specially made arrangement. The show starts at 20:30.
Audience can attend the performance on the UIT-markt in Amsterdam.

13-07-’04  Big success
Last Sunday, Izaline did a guest- performance with orchestra ‘Tumbabo’ for the North Sea Jazz Festival. Also on stage: Oswin ‘Chin’ Behilia’. The show in the Paul Acket pavillion was attended by a vast crowd. See the pictures for an impression.
07-07-’04  ‘Tumbabo’
Next Sunday, Izaline will join the ‘Tumbabo’-project on the Northsea Jazzfestival in The Hague, Holland. Bandleader Randal Corsen put together a big orchestra consisting of mostly Curaçao-born musicians and arranged the thrilling repertoire of Curacao-favorites into new arrangments. Co-star that afternoon will be ‘Chin’ Behilia, Curaçao's esteemed singer and composer. For a complete line-up of the Tumbabo-project, visit the site of Randal Corsen.
Showtime is set for 16:30 in the Paul Acket Paviljoen. For more information:

28-06-’04  Number one
The new cd ‘Krioyo’ is promising to be a big success on Curaçao. The song ‘Wow’i kariño’ has climbed the charts and reached number 1 position. The obsolete expression ‘Mi wowo di kariño ta baila pa bo’ used to express a jaunty flirt, has come into his own again, and is heard in the streets of Willemstad all over.

06-07-’04  Heating The Hague
Thursday, July 8, Izaline and band are staged on the outdoor festival Northsea Heats The Hague. Showtime is 22:00 hr on the Grote Markt of The Hague. Check for more.

18-06-’04  University of Groningen
The university of Groningen celebrates its 390th birthday this year. Izaline is honoured to be invited to play on the party on June 25. Showtime is set for 19:00. For more info and extended program, click.

15-06-’04  Oh-la-la, Paris
Pictures of Izaline in France.

25-05-’04  Oops...
The soupmaking will be broadcast Friday, May 28, unlike earlier announcments. Izaline will then demonstrate on tv how to cook a real ‘krioyo’ soup, in the Dutch program TV3. The show starts at 19:30. More on

15-05-’04  CD-presentation Paris
June 12, the entire IC-band will be present at the ‘Européen’ in Paris for the official introduction of KRIOYO in France. The cd-release party will be celebrated with a special concert and readers in Paris are invited to experience the music of Izaline Calister live. See also the French section.

08-05-’04  Pictures ‘Bevrijdingsdag’
Check out the picture-impression photographer Garance Reus made in Amsterdam on May 5, 2004.

26-04-’04  Helicopter-tour ‘Bevrijdingsdag’
May 5, Izaline will make a tour through Holland for the celebrations of ‘Bevrijdingsdag’. She will be joining Leoni Jansen, Sarina Voorn, Minyeshu, Lotte Zekhuis, Giovanca, Adriana Romein and special guest Hind, one of the Dutch ‘Idols’. They will visit Roermond,'s Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam en Almere.

29-01-’04  Pili Pili-tour Germany
Once again, Izaline toured with Pili Pili. To celebrate the 20 year jubilee of the formation, a special Best-Of tour is organised in January. Old friends met and joined for a series of terrific concerts in Germany. Check out the pictures.
15-03-’04  Live on Curaçao!
End of March, Izaline will travel with Randal Corsen to her native isle for a small tour. They put together an intimate show with known songs and own compositions. The concerts are March 20, 21 and 22 in Teatro Luna Blou. Showtime is set for 21.00.
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