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Izaline to sing with Oumou Sangaré

06-12-’08  Festival-organiser Mundial invited Izaline to travel Mali starting January 26. She and her band will be introduced in Malinese music by no-one else but Toumani Diabate. It wil be an expedition to find the differences and simularities between malinese and Curaçao rhythms. And as a high-light, Izaline is offered a chance to sing with the great Oumou Sangaré at the Festival sur le Niger in Segou!

Laugh and grow fat  03-09-’08  This month a campaign was started to enlighten the work of the newly foundation ClinClowns Curaçao. As ambassador of this foundation Izaline appears with other famous heads of Curaçao in ads in daily newspapers. Next to Izaline we see p.e. Percy Pinedoe, Nataly Petronia.

Check also the site of CliniClowns Curaçao.

Year of Culture

17-11-’08  The government of Curaçao have announced 2009 to be Year of Culture (Aña di Kultura). Izaline is assigned to compose the theme-song for the event that opens on Brionplein, at New Year's Eve with the first live performance of the song ‘Nos Kultura, Ban Selebré’.

To hear the song, click the play-button. To sing along, click for LYRICS.

Following in Nelson Mandela’s track

26-11-’08  December 14 is in Paradiso (Amsterdam) the performance of ‘Amandla! Fragmenten van strijd’, about the fight against apartheid in South-Africa.

An extended cast of known Dutch politicians and artists participate, amongst who are Roger van Boxtel, Femke Halsema, Thom Hoffman, Laetitia Griffith, Raymi Sambo en Denise Jannah. Izaline will be there too, featuring ‘Pata Pata’, the song that the late Miriam Makeba made famous. The project is directed by John Leerdam, member of Dutch parliament and maker of political-engaged theatre. More details (Dutch).

Concerts with Gerard van Maasakkers and Stevie Ann

18-12-’08  This weekend two special concerts took place in Eindhoven. Izaline, Gerard van Maasakkers en Stevie Ann performed eachothers songs, accompanied by the ‘Vaste Mannen’. Both concerts were sold out. Read a review with pictures by Ronald Rietman on www.folkforum.nl (Dutch).

Site of Gerard van Maasakkers.
Site of Stevie Ann.

Izaline ‘In Concert’

25-11-’08  Izaline is invited to participate in a show called ‘Women Only In Concert’. It features 12 singers living in or near the city of Groningen. The production is initiated by ‘Vrouw Holland’, a collective of 4 performing female artists. It will take place on November 28 in ’Huize Maas’ in Groningen. More info on the Vrouw Holland-site (Dutch).

First time: Live in Surinam

01-11-’08  Early November, Izaline travels to Surinam invited by literature festival ‘Winternachten’. She performs on the Surinam edition of the festival in Paramaribo with songs she made of folk-tales from all over the world. On previous tours Izaline visited Indonesia and the Netherlands Antilles with the same program, also accompanied by guitarist Ed Verhoeff and percussion-player Roël Calister.

Entire schedule on www.literairfest.org.
More details on www.winternachten.nl (Dutch).

‘Izaline’s Tears’

25-08-’08  Last month, Izaline toured The Netherlands, Curaçao and Aruba with chamber-orchestra The Ricciotti Ensemble. Writer Jeroen Jansen describes the reception they got on Curaçao. ‘It IS possible, connecting The Netherlands with Curaçao’. Whole article (Dutch).

Pictures of the Ricciotti tour

CD with Gerard van Maasakkers

23-08-’08  Lately, the new cd of singer/ songwriter Gerard van Maasakkers ‘Anders’ was released with a guest-feature of Izaline, performing the song ‘De Lucht Is Nog Vol Dagen’. Next to Izaline other Dutch performers like Paul de Leeuw and Claudia de Breij were invited to contribute to this release.

A cheque of Naf 75,000 for ‘Mai’

13-04-’08  Lately Izaline became chairman of foundation ‘Mai Nederland’. In that function, Izaline was handed over a donation of the municipality of The Hague.

Curaçao is the loveliest island in the world, but with some problems too: children dropping out of school, poverty, criminality. Music can’t solve that, and I’m very proud to be the chairman of the new foundation ‘Mai Nederland’.
Last week I recieved a cheque for NAF 75,000 ($ 43,000) of the municipality of The Hague to help support the work of the foundation.
Thanks very, very much!’

More about the foundation and their work on stichtingmai.org.

Barbulètè tour, Aruba and Curaçao

02-06-’08  This summer Izaline is touring with the Ricciotti Ensemble, a chamber orchestra consisting of 40 young musicians. They treat audiences in unexpected places with surprise-concerts, playing music of different styles and times. The tour will visit The Netherlands in July and will go to Aruba and Curaçao too! Check the schedule for exact dates.
Visit the site of The Ricciotti Ensemble for pictures and more.

‘Strife for perfection’

29-04-’08  April the 5th, Izaline artistically supervised a tribute night to Curaçao-artist Elis Juliana. It turned out to be a beautiful show in Teatro Luna Blou on Curaçao. On this occasion, local newspaper ‘Èxtra’ published an interview with 80-year old maestro ‘Ompi Elis’, who speaks true words about artistic and personal goals. Read the interview (in Papiamentu) on the press-section.

Concert in Sofia

28-02-’08  March 28, Izaline and band performed in Sofia, Bulgaria. For pictures of the concert, go to picturepage.

Book presentation

17-05-’08  A book with personal stories and pictures is being published by ‘De Volkskrant’ and ‘Uitgeverij J.M. Meulenhoff’. It is called ‘De Antillen en ik’ (‘The Antilles and me’) and depicts the memories of some 40 famous Antilleans, edited by John Leerdam.
Apart from being the writer of one of the stories, Izaline will sing at the presentation of the book in KIT, Amsterdam, on May 26. More on the site of the publishers.

Lady sings... in Shanghai

17-05-’08  The documentary ‘Izaline Calister - Lady sings the Tambú’, directed by Miluska Rosalina is being screened on the 14th
Shanghai TV Festival in China

More on the
site of the festival.
More info on the film on the site of MemphisFilm (Dutch).

Because I’m a girl- concert

12-06-’08  This Friday, Izaline is involved in the concert, led by Karima on the festival Mundial in Tilburg. The concert is organised by ‘Plan Nederland’ to tell people about the needs of girls in India. Other artists involved are Candy Dulfer, Edsilia Rombley, Anouk and DJ Isis.

Live TV-performance

02-05-’08  This Sunday, May 4, Izaline will perform live with guitarplayer Ed Verhoeff in TV-show ‘De Kunst’, presented by Hans Goedkoop. She’ll be singing ‘Kadena Enkantá’ (The enchanted necklace) that appears on the new release (fall 2008).
The show starts at 17.05, on channel Nederland 2. More on omroep.nl.

Lady sings... in Barbados

20-03-’08  The documentary ‘Izaline Calister - Lady sings the Tambú’, directed by Miluska Rosalina is being screened on the Caribbean International Film Festival, Barbados. The festival is from April 5 till 13.

More on the
site of the festival.
More info on the film on the site of MemphisFilm (Dutch).

Lady sings... in Århus (Denmark)

14-03-’08  The documentary ‘Lady sings the Tambú’ is being screened in Aarhus, Denmark on March 15, during the AFIA Film Festival.

More on reservations and venue on www.afiafilmfestival.dk.

More info on the film on the site of MemphisFilm (Dutch).

Lady sings... in Miami (USA)

20-02-’08  The documentary ‘Lady sings the Tambú’ is being screened in Miami, on March 7 and 8. Director Miluska Rosalina and Izaline are invited to go to the festival and will attend the premiere.

More on reservations and venues on www.miamifilmfestival.com.

More info on the film on the site of MemphisFilm (Dutch).

09-01-’08  Hi guys,

I am still in time to wish you all, the best 2008 ever. I wish you warmth, joy, love, health a lot of beautiful music and a little bit of money…

The end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 have not been the best times of my life. I have been experiencing some vocal problems, which forced me to cancel a few gigs. This has never happened before and it was heartbreaking for me.
That’s why I really look forward to the rest of 2008. This will be the year I will start singing and performing again. That already makes it a GREAT year.
It will be great to work again, this time KNOWING that it is definitely my favorite thing to do. I always knew, but you don't really, really realize this until you are forced to miss it. And how I MISSED singing these past few weeks. I realize now, how often I WANT to sing, how amputated I feel when I am not able to. It made me love singing even more. So… when I start again soon, it will be quite impossible to get me to stop. Neighbours beware!

I also have to say that your reactions have been sooooo incredible. On the streets, via email, flowers, the phone, sms, the guestbook on the site and myspace… from all parts of the communication highway I received love, good wishes and strength from all you guys. Thank you so much for this. It was great to realize that you’re rooting for me. I love you too!!!

I also want to thank everyone who let me know how much they liked Miluska Rosalina’s documentary about me ‘Lady sings the tambu’. I am proud of Miluska and happy about the film too. I will be experimenting with those jazzstandards a lot more this year and really hope I can get a few more lessons from the great Rita Reys.

What will 2008 bring?

Well a lot of exciting things.
One of the most exciting things will be my new CD, which I have just started writing for. The upside of being forced to rest is that I have plenty of time to write.
I will be doing some great gigs with my band and as a soloist starting March.
‘Lady sings the tambu’ will premiere in different countries including my lovely island of Curacao. And I will be going to all the premieres. How cool is that?
I just started a new challenge writing as a columnist for ON TOP magazine in Curacao. Check it out!
I am going to start teaching on a more regular basis at the Conservatory in Enschede.
Preparations for my new theater tour: ‘Verhalen voor een warme Lentenacht’ will start. I will be working with actor Raymi Sambo…
Some pretty exciting trips are being planned for this year.

Keep checking out the sites (English and Dutch) and my myspace profile and I will keep you posted about all my activities.
So bring it on… 2008


Lady sings... in Utrecht

15-01-’08  The documentary ‘Lady sings the Tambú’ is being screened in Utrecht, on February 10, during the Cultural Sunday ‘Jazz Enz’. Cinema ’t Hoogt.