Kanta Hélele

11-04-’06  The title ‘Kanta Hélele’ translates as ‘Sing Hélele’. ‘Hélele’ is a lyric people in Curaçao often use when they want to sing a song of joy without having a particular melody or song in their minds. People usually belt out the ‘Hélele’ using whatever melody comes into mind, often with their hands lifted up to the air.

The title-song of the cd is an ode to optimism:
‘Wake up, don't waste your time in bed. Everything happens out there. Grab your chances and don't let your problems get you down. You can do it! If you want, I'll help see that happiness, the real kind, does not have to cost anything. It is for free and easy to grasp as long as you keep your eyes open for it. Do it, see the beauty of life around you and celebrate it by singing with me: Hélele!…’

The cd contains a variety of different rhythms of Curaçao, ballads and dance-songs. Most of the songs are new, original compositions by Izaline. (Complete lyrics and tracklist to follow soon.)

19-01-’06  ‘Kanta Hélele’ is the fourth cd of Izaline Calister as solo-artist, recording with her own band.

Songtitles. There is a séu called ‘Ban Wap’e’, a tumba called ‘Kasa Kumi’ (Marry Me), and a salsa antiana called ‘Dia Bo Pagami’.

Pernell Saturnino. Izaline is very glad percussionist Pernell Saturnino found time to fly in from New York to infuse this new cd with his expertise, experience and uncanny sense of groove.

Musicians. Recording for the cd: José Lopretti (piano); Reno Steba, (bass); Roël Calister (drums and percussion); Ed Verhoeff (guitar); Niata Augusta (backing vocals); Giovanca Ostiana (backing vocals); Rendel Rosalia (percussion).

Guests. This time Izaline is assisted by a remarkable selection of musicians: violin-virtuozo Oene Van Geel, (who also played on Mariposa), trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, and African guitarist and kora-player Zou Diarra.

Arrangements. Happening and beautiful arrangements by: Reno Steba, Ed Verhoeff, José Lopretti, Marc Bisschoff and Izaline Calister. Outstanding rhythmical arrangements by Pernell Saturnino and Roël Calister.

Special features on new cd
The new cd features three very special guests. To enrich the cd with their distinctive knowledge and sound, Izaline invited them for a recording session.

Eric Vloeimans, awardwinning jazz-trumpeter, famous for his velvet sound, recorded numerous beautiful cd’s with different line-ups. His project VoizNoiz 3 yielded him an Edison-award in 2003. Eric and Izaline met during a tour with Jasper van’t Hoff’s Pili-Pili. Read more on his own site.

Oene van Geel, awardwinning violinist. With his Zapp String-quartet, he rakes in all important jazz-awards and prizes. Oene played before on the cd Mariposa. More on Oene van Geel.
(Photo: Cees van de Ven)

Zou Diarra, multi-instrumentalist from Mali (Africa). Specialized in guitar and kora. The kora is a traditional stringed instrument, as played by the great griots from Mali. The distinctive sound of the kora renders the cd an unexpected link with traditional African music. Check his site for more details.
More news to follow.