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12-05-’06  Izaline will be accompanied by her band in full line-up. The recordings of the concert are for internet, radio and live-television.

Television - Live broadcast for the show ‘NPS-Arena’ on TV3 starts 13:50 with an interview, followed by the concert.

Radio - The recordings will be radio-broadcasted Sunday, May 22, in the program NPS-Output, starting 22:30.

Internet - The event can be followed live on the internet through and will be available afterwards on demand.

Free tickets - Tickets are sold out!

Band line-up
Izaline Calister (lead vocals), Niata Augusta (backing vocals), Giovanca Ostiana (backing vocals), Reno Steba (bass), Ed Verhoeff (guitar), José Lopretti (piano), Roël Calister (drums), Rendel Rosalia (percussion)

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TV-show NPS Arena »
Radioshow NPS Output »

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