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KRIOYO-tour successful

30-01-’05  With three packed houses in Hengelo, Amsterdam and Den Haag the KRIOYO-tour was concluded last weekend.

Audiences of divers constitution enjoyed the performances laughing, silently listening to tender ballads, dancing to the rhythms of Curaçao and finally singing together in Papiamentu. They saw and heard Izaline and her band dance and play with catching joy, heard Izaline tell about her island, explain her lyrics and give some information about musical styles and specific instruments.
Every concert a perfect oppurtunity to get acquainted with the musical wealth of the Dutch Antilles and experience how important music, singing and songs are in the every-day-live of Curaçao.
Melancholly recognized by some, surprising and educational to others.

Thanks to a great crew it was possible to bring a spark of tropical light, warming the hearts of many in a cold and wet Dutch winter.

Dutch press:
Izaline Calister is een prachtig mens. Om te zien en om te horen.” Apeldoornse krant

“Haar status is nog steeds ‘proportioneel rijzende’.” Rotterdams Dagblad

“…door de andere omgeving viel op hoe geraffineerd de muziek van Calister en haar vaste partners Randal Corsen (piano) en Eric Calmes (bas) in elkaar steekt.” Het Parool


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