Unda bo ta
Music: R. Corsen
Lyrics: I. Calister
Where are you?
English translation

Unda bo ta, unda bo ta hòmber di mi bida, masha ten mi ke sa
Unda b’a keda, unda bo ta hòmber di mi bida, ai mi ke pa bo sa…

…ku mi ta wardando riba bo
Tene kuenta ku mi ta mi so
Bo n’ tin nodi kore bin un be
Mi tin pasenshi, tempu i fe

Ma dia ta pasa i mi n’ por sigui invertí den otro amor
Ku n’ ta dura largu i ku n’ ke ta e relashon ku mi meresé

Pues si por, por fabor no tarda
Lo mi apresiá

Bida ta bunita i bon awó
Pero ku bo aden l’ e ta mihó
Kompletá mi alma i mi ser
Parti problema, dòbel plaser

Mi ke pidibu, komprondé
Mi no ke, zona tur desesperá
Mi no ta
Ma tin be, sin mi ke

Lanta tur mainta, band’i bo
Konta tur mi soñonan, na abo so
T’ un deseo grandi ku mi tin
Pues piki bo bulchi, sali bo bin lihé
Por fabor sali bin lihé
No tarda
Lo mi apresiá

Where are you? Where are you, man of my life? Often I have wondered. Where have you been, where are you love of my life? I just want you to know…

…that I’m waiting for you. Bear in mind that I’m alone. You don’t have to run and be here at once. I do have patience, time and faith.

But days go by and I can’t go on investing in other loves, that don’t last long and don’t want to be the relationship I deserve.

So if it’s possible, please don’t take too long. I would appreciate it.

Life is beautiful and good right now but would be even better with you around. Come and complete my being and my soul. Shared problems, double pleasure!

So if it’s possible, please don’t take too long. I would appreciate it.

Please understand that I don’t want to seem desperate. I’m not. But sometimes, against my will…

Waking up next to you every morning. Sharing all my dreams only with you, that’s my ardent desire. So pack up your things and come as fast as you can. Please hurry! Don’t take too long. I would appreciate that.