Ta abo so
Music: Eric Calmes
Lyrics: Izaline Calister
It’s only you

T’ abo so, ta mi amor
Ta mi oásis dushi di pas
T’ abo so
Si bo so
Ta mi forsa, mi sosten i mi solas

T’ abo ta, mi balor
E baranka fuerte mi tras
T’ abo so
Si, bo so
Ta mi sentro, mi konfiansa i mi kas

Si nunka mi no a bisabu ku mi stimabu
Si nunka mi no a kontabu di mi pashon
Ta skarsedat di palabra, pobresa di frase o djis timides

Ora ku bo n’ t’ei den tur mirada mi ta buska
E kalor ku semper tin den bo
Mi amor, den bo so

Ora ku mi purba e dulsura di bo boka
Mi ta realisá, ku mi no por
Sin bo, ora ku mi no ta ku bo den tur kara mi ta buska
E kalor ku semper tin den bo
Mi amor, den bo so

Only you are my love
My perfectly peaceful oasis
Only you, yes you alone….
..are my strength, my support and my solace

You are my courage
The strong rock behind me
Only you, yes you alone…
…are my center, my confidence and my home

And if I never told you how much I loved you
And never told you about the passion I feel for you
It’s because I lack the words, can’t find the sentences or maybe I’m just shy

But when you’re not around, I search in every eye
for the warmth I always find in you
My love, only in you

When I taste the sweetness of your lips
I realize I can’t live without you
When I’m not with you, I try to find in every face
The warmth that’s always in you
My love, only in you