3. Pueblo Lanta
Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister

As appeared on cd ‘Speransa’ (May 2009)
3. People get up
English translation

Note: Tula is a historic figure who led an uprising against slavery in the eighteenth century. He was executed, but became a hero on Curaçao and a main character in songs.

Nos a pidi Tula no wak ainda
Nos a pidi Tula warda
Nos a sigur’é di ta na kaminda pero Tula si bo wak nos bo tin mañe spanta

Tula, nos mester di un bon konseho
Tula, nos a bin seka bo
Tula mustra nos kon pa uni un pueblo si, t’e úniko manera pa nos logra algun kos.

Mi pueblo mansu lanta
Mi pueblo mansu lanta
Lanta ‘riba i drecha bo bida
Sagudí bu i libra bo mes di esnan ku ta tene lanta

Tula no t’asina ku n’ tin speransa
Tula nos no a lubidá
Tula nos ta bon prepará pa lucha
Nos tin tinu dje kaminda ma nos a desviá

Tula, Tula

Ma t’un kos ku por kambia
Nos tin tinu p’e
Ma t’un kos ku por drecha
Nos tin tinu p’e

Si un kos mester kambia
nos ta bai kambié
Si un kos mester drecha
nos ta bai drech’é

We asked Tula not to look at us right then
We asked him to wait
We ensured him we were on the right track
But if you would look at us now, Tula, you would be appalled

Tula, we need advice
We came to you
Show us how to be one unified nation, it is the only way to get things done

My people lose this tameness
My people lose this tameness
Stand up and mend your life
shake it off and free yourself from hangers-on

Tula, there is hope
We did not forget
We are well-prepared for the struggle
We know which road to take, we just deviated


But it can change
We do focus on it
But it can be fixed
We do focus on it

If something needs to be changed
We will change it
If something needs to be fixed
We will fix it