5. Porfin
Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister

As appeared on cd ‘Speransa’ (May 2009)
5. Finally
English translation

Dia b’a bisami bo ta bai
Bo no a preparami pa bo ousensia
P’e silensio den nos kas
I ku mi n’ po pega soño mas
un deseo so mi tin
pa e dia yega porfin

Dia b’a bisami bo ta bai
Ta dia ku m’a pèrdè mi inosensia
Mi promé doló di amor
Duda si mi so lo por
Un speransa so mi tin
Di lubidabu porfin

Pero m’a disidí
i mi ta primintí
K’un dia nos lo sinta dal un beter i kompartí
Baúlnan yen ‘i historia
Klaba den nos memoria
Di un gran amor

Dia b’a bisami bo ta bai
M’a kere ku b’a firma mi sentensha
di shen aña di soledat
danki dios no ta bèrdat
Un anhelo si mi tin
ku e dia di mes lo bin
ku m’a lubidabu porfin

The day you told me you’d leave
you didn’t prepare me for your absence
The silence and the sleeplessness
I have just one wish
For the day to come

The day you told me you’d leave
I lost my innocence
My first broken heart
Will I manage on my own?
I’m left with just one hope
To finally forget you

But I’ve decided
and I promise
That one day we will have a drink together
and share the stories
that are in our memories
stories of a great love

The day you told me you’d leave
I thought you signed my verdict of 100 years of loneliness
Luckily that’s not true
But I long for one thing still
that eventually the day will come
on which I finally forgot you