2. Gym
Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister

As appeared on cd ‘Speransa ’ (May 2009)
2. Gym
English translation

Mi ta konfesá
M’a kibra mi promesa
I e aña nobo n’ tin ni dos siman
Tur bon intenshon di konta kaloria
i di move, no a bai bon

Mi ta atmití
Di no a ni pas’ei banda
I mi n’ sa dikon mi no ta kanselá
Mi ta un hende flo
K’un miembresia karu ku mi no por tir’afó

Otro dia mas
ku mi no a bishitabu
Otro dia mas
Ku m’a keda mi kas
Mi amigu Gym
Ta ki mi tin ku hasi pa lagabu
sin sintimi malu

Mi ta repentí
I mi sa ku ta mi falta
Ta tur fin di aña tin e mesun kansion
Entre loke mi ke i loke mi ta hasi semper bai tin un tenshon
Semper tin tenshon
Mi sa ku ta mi falta

E ta den korant
E ta den tur revista
Pa bo ke ta moderno, bon danki i salú
Sòr’i kome bon, i laga tur kos dushi
Ma por dios, mi n’ sa ta kon

I confess
I broke my promise
My New Year’s resolution to count calories and to exercise
didn’t last for more than two weeks this time

I admit
I did not come near it
Why don’t I just cancel
I am a lazy person with an expensive membership I can’t get rid of

Yet another day
I did not go
And another day
I stayed at home
My friend ‘gym’
What must I do to ignore you without feeling guilty?

I repent
I know it’s my fault
Every New Year’s Eve, the same old story
There is always a tension between what I want and what I do

It’s in the papers
In all the magazines too
To be hip, hot and in good health
You have to eat right and leave all things sweet
But my God I don’t know how