Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister
English translation

Semper e ta, hopi kansá
Su bid’a kambia sin ke ripará
I sin tin mester, tristes’ awe
Den su bida tin lugá

I mi no sa, ta kiko a pasa
Ku ni su sonrisa mi n’ sa mira mas
I mi n’ por yud’é, djis kont’e
Loke pa mi semper ta traha

Ma bis’é

Bo mundu tin ku bria yen’i ilushon
Soña, den tempu malu i den tempu bon
Soña, tur kos ta posibel i tur kos tin solushon
Soña pa bo bon
Soña pa bo n’…

…Lubidá ku bida falta un krench’i lus pa klara skuridat
Tur hende mesté, pa tin be
Tin speransa i un tiki fe

Ma bis’é

Soña pa bo
Soña pa bo no tin miedu
Soña pa bo tin sosiegu
Soña pa bo kere ta posibel
Ku tur kos tin solushon
Soña pa bo bon, soña pa bo

She always seems very tired. Her life has changed without her noticing. Without any need, sadness now has a permanent place in her life.

I don’t know, what happened. Why it is that I don’t even see her smile any more. And I can’t help her, I can only tell her about what has always worked for me.

I said...

Dream, your life has to shine, filled with illusions. Dream, in good times and in bad. Dream, anything is possible and everything has a solution. Dream for your own good. Dream,

so you won’t forget that life always needs that little bit of sun to lighten up the dark hours. Sometimes everyone needs just a little bit of hope and a little bit of faith.

So I said...

Dream for you. Dream so you won’t be afraid. Dream so you can have some peace. Dream so you’ll believe that anything is possible and everything has a solution. Dream for you own good. Dream for you.