Mi ke sa
Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister
I want to know
English translation

Fo’i dia m’a mirabo, mi bid’a kompliká
Nos mirad’a topa i mi alm’a enamorá
Mi ke ta di bo so i mi ke sa kon bo bida tabata promé nos topa

Mi ke sa kon bo infansia tabata
Kontami di bo mama, bo tata i di bo kas
Di bo risibimentu i kon a bai na skol i bo lista di amor
Mi ke sa si b’a kore den kurá

Fo’i dia m’a mirabo… mi ke sa
Si bo t’ei keda semper seka mi
Pensabo bon promé bo disidí
Si bo ke ta mi kasá
I bo ti’un sekreto den kashi wardá djis kontami… mi ke sa

From the day I first saw you my life got complicated. Our eyes met and my soul fell in love. I want to be all yours and I want to know what your life was like, before we met.

I want to know what you were like in your youth. Tell me about your mother, your father and your house. Tell me about your first communion, how you did in school and all about your loves. I want to know about you running around in your garden.

From the day I met you I want to know if you’re going to be with me forever. Think hard before you decide if you want to be my spouse. And if you have a very closely guarded secret, just tell me, I want to know.