E mariposa
Music: Joseph Sickman Corsen, Jacobo Palm
Lyrics: Joseph Sickman Corsen
The butterfly
English translation

Un mariposa koló di rosa, m’a mira un dia rib’ un hasmin
I den silensio m’a bai kuele
M’a ai pèrdele, den mi hardin

E mariposa, bunita und’ e ta?
Den flor den yerba, skondí i bon wardá?
Mi ta buskele, ma ai mi n’ por hañ’ é
Mi ta buskele, mi ta buskele, si n’ por hañ’ é

One day I saw on a jasmin, a rose-coloured butterfly. Stealthily I wanted to catch it, but lost it in my garden.

The beautiful butterfly, where can it be? Is it on a flower or a plant hidden and well guarded? I search for it but I can’t find it. I search for it, without finding it