1. Mi So Den Boso
Music and lyrics: L. Samson
Additional lyrics: I. Calister
Horn arrangement: Th. Böttcher

As appeared on cd ‘Kanta Hélele’ (May 2006)
1. By myself among you
English translation

Un dia’ nochi, mi de’ un paranda, nan ta ke’ra hinkami ku puña, pero ta mi so den boso

Si bo ke ta bon ku pueblo, bo ta kumpr’un bot’re ròm, bo ta bash’un beter delegá, laga bebedó bin bebe

Bonchi wowo pretu, ku su wesu i spèki, ku su rabu largu band’i dje laga haragan bin kome

Ai, bosonan bin kome
Bosonan bin kome
Tur haragan bin bebe
Bosonan bin bebe
Bisiñanan bin kome
Bosonan bin kome
Amigunan bin bebe
Bosonan bin kome

Bin kome
Bin bebe

One wild night I was at a party
They wanted to attack me with a knife, and I was alone there

So if you want to be on the good side of people and have lot’s of friends, buy a bottle of rum, pour a drink without ice and let the drinkers come drink

A brown bean casserole with some nice bone and bacon, with a good piece of pigtail on the side, let the greedy come eat

Neighbors come eat
You all come eat
All greedy people come drink
You all come drink
All people come eat
You all come eat
All friends come drink
You all come drink

Come eat
Come drink