10. Lamento Di Mosa Nena
Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister
Trumpet arrangement: E. Verhoeff
Rhythmical arrangement: P. Saturnino, R. Calister

As appeared on cd ‘Kanta Hélele’ (May 2006)
10. Mosa Nena’s Cry
English translation
Notes - These lyrics are inspired on a poem by Pierre Lauffer. This poem has been adapted into a song by famous Curaçaoan singer Ced Ride and was recorded 25 years ago. It featured a trumpet lingering through the melody. This song and the poem it was based on, have been important pillars in the Curaçao cultural expressions of the horrors of slavery which form a big part of our culture.

The story of the poem is about Buchi Fil, a strong and proud slave man. His master and the watchmen hate him because he never bows his head acknowledging their superiority. However, they try to break him by making him work for hours and hours, hitting him, mocking him and keeping food and drink from him. But they don’t succeed and it is turning into an obsession. They plot a final plan to break him and do so by selling off Mosa Nena (his one and only great love) to a captain parting for the open sea. Robbed of the only person he loves, Buchi Fil breaks and takes drastic measures by throwing himself off a cliff. Legend says that near that cliff you still hear a voice screaming the name of Mosa Nena.

My song ‘Lamento Di Mosa Nena’ honors the poet Pierre Lauffer and the singer Ced Ride while adding a different light to the story. I sing Mosa Nena’s side of the story. What did she think and feel and how did she end up. (I.C.)

Fo’i momentu ku mi a mirele
Ta mesora mi tabata sa
Hòmber grandi pretu i balente
Buchi Fil di mi e ta’ta

Pero nos amor no a dura largu
Shon i bomb’ a kibra nos biba
Fo’i mi kas na a sakami
Nan a marami
Hibami un barku pa lama

I laga
Buchi Fil ta sklama, e ke pa mi ta serka dje
Buchi Fil ta yora, e ke su Nena band’i dje
I mi n’ por move, i mi n’ por grita
E sutadó tin mi tene
I mi n’ por kore, i mi n’ por bringa
E tin mi tene

Ku su mannan sushi na mi kurpa
Sutadó ta purba probechá
Su holó ta matami
E ke uzami
Fil, por dios, unda bo ta
Buchi Fil unda bo ta

Buchi Fil unda bo ta, nena un ke biba mas si n’ bo amor, unda bo ta
Buchi Fil unda bo ta, nena un ke biba mas si n’ bo amor, unda bo ta

I aunke bo n’ ta tendemi, ni kontestámi
Fil, mi no ta prekupá

Buchi Fil no sklama, nos por ta huntu si nos ke
Buchi Fil no yora, bo Nena sa ki bo mesté
Si te den morto so nos por uni
T’esei mes tin ku sosodé
I Mosa Nena un tin mied’i muri
Ma nan tin mi tene…

From the moment I saw him, from that moment on I knew
This big strong and proud black man, Buchi Fil was completely mine

But our love did not last for long.
The master and watchmen broke our happy life
They took me from my house
They tied me up
And took me to this ship leaving for the sea

Buchi Fil yelling out his despair, he wants me with him
Buchi Fil is crying, he wants his Nena next to him
And I can’t move, and I can’t scream
The watchman is holding me
And I can’t run, and I can’t fight
They are holding me

With his filthy hands on my body
The watchman tries to take advantage
His smell kills me, he wants to use me.
Fil, for god’s sake, where are you
Buchi Fil where are you?

Buchi Fil where are you, Nena does’t want to live without your love, Buchi Fil where are you?
Buchi Fil where are you, Nena does’t want to live without your love, Buchi Fil where are you?

And although you don’t hear me
And don’t answer me.
I am not worried...

Buchi Fil, don’t yell out your despair. We could be together again if we wanted to
Buchi Fil, don’t cry. Your Nena knows just what you need.
If it only is possible to be together in death, then so be it!
And Mosa Nena is not afraid of dying.
But they are holding me…