4. Mi Paranda
Music: I. Calister
Lyrics: I. Calister

As appeared on cd ‘Di Fiesta’ (November 2011)
4. Ghgf
English translation

Bin join mi paranda, aña ta kabando
Ban ser'e kontentu, ban ser'e bailando
Deseando un aña nobo ku lo briya
dianan alegre, (den) pas i harmonia

Ai estu'n tempu alegre, un temporada dichoso
Ku famianan gosando, di momentunan precioso
Birgensita di Altagracia, libranos di tur maldat
Hasie aña binidero, hasi'e aña binidero, un jen di felisidat

Un orashon na Maria, Birgen reina di tur santu
Kuida e pida baranka, ku nos tur ta stima tantu
Dios laga briyo di un streya, guia nos riba e kaminda
e kaminda di adelanto, e kaminda di adelanto, ku nos ta buskando ainda

Tata drama bendishon, riba tur isla di antia
Tur skohiendo otro futuro, ma isla ruman nos ta ainda
Ay Sagrado San Antonio, juda nos haña cada dia
un maner'i biba huntu, un maner'i biba huntu manera un bon bisiña

I confess
I broke my promise
My New Year’s resolution to count calories and to exercise
didn’t last for more than two weeks this time

I admit
I did not come near it
Why don’t I just cancel
I am a lazy person with an expensive membership I can’t get rid of

Yet another day
I did not go
And another day
I stayed at home
My friend ‘gym’
What must I do to ignore you without feeling guilty?

I repent
I know it’s my fault
Every New Year’s Eve, the same old story
There is always a tension between what I want and what I do

It’s in the papers
In all the magazines too
To be hip, hot and in good health
You have to eat right and leave all things sweet
But my God I don’t know how