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Izaline Calister
Soño di un muhé (One Woman's Dream)

With a complete understanding and feel for the music of the country of her birth, Curacao, and a love for jazz, vocalist Izaline Calister explodes on the musical scene as a remarkable tour de force! Her CD collection, whether sung in English or Papiamento, comes across as entertaining world jazz with Latin influences. Since 1997, she has performed with the German ensemble, ‘The Dissidenten.’

Calister has a voice that can be both sensual and sensitive, and she never misses a note! A very fluid voice, she has a wide range.

SOÑO DI UN MUHÉ (ONE WOMAN'S DREAM) is a fine CD, never boring, constantly exciting and entertaining. As a songwriter, Izaline Calister sparkles and shines, and the listening audience will enjoy songs such "Soño di tur muhé", "Amor di mama", "Soña", "Fiesta di piskadó" (radio edit version), "Mi ke sa", Siñami kon", "Plegaria," "Tumbabo", "Ora friw kuminsa", Mazurka erotika", and "Fiesta di piskado" (9:01 minute version). "Fiesta di piskado" is by Plaate. "Plegaria" is by Behilia.

Special note on the fine piano work of Randal Corsen, Roeland Duinen on cello, Pedro Libert on viola, among many other musicians that make this collection a successful collaboration between singer and musicians. Every musician in perfect for this recording session and it is reflected in the performances.

For a pleasant and exciting change of pace, please give a listen to Izaline Calister and her CD. She is new to the jazz scene, and a very welcome addition to jazz vocalists..