Rayo di Lus

(Rays of Light)

Izaline’s eighth CD is one of the finest, with very special tracks. To mention a few: ‘Mi Welita’, a catchy up-tempo song about the good pieces of advice her grandmother gave her, ‘Bo Kuenta’, a fantastic cooperation with brother Roël Calister, ‘Reina Di Pordon’, a nr 1-hit in the Antilles, recorded with the Aruban group Bulería and ‘Kada Be’, Izaline’s Papiamentu version of the magnificent Dutch evergreen ‘Telkens Weer’. With this release Izaline gives proof of still greater musical abilities at full growth, singing better and better.

2015 | EZC Records CTC-1088071 | Order through this site


1. Ainda (Still)

- I. Calister

2. Mi Welita (My granny)

- I. Calister

3. Reina Di Pordon (The queen of forgiveness)

- D. Leoneta/ L. Provacia

4. Kada Be Telkens weer (Every time)

- F. Wiegersma/ R. Bos/ E. Morricone/ Papiamentu tekst: I. Calister

5. Aaaah

- I. Calister

6. Mi Ke Ku Mi Stimé (I think I love him)

- I. Calister

7. Kou Mi Numa (Bite me)

- I. Calister/ R. Calister/ N. Martis

8. Blue Curaçao

- I. Calister/ R. Calister

9. Laman (The sea)

- I. Calister

10. Bo Kuenta (That’s what you say)

- I. Calister/ R. Calister

11. T’ami t’esun (It is me…)

- I. Calister


Izaline Calister - vocals (lead, backing, effects)

Ward Veenstra - Moog, sounds and effects, programming, electric bass, ukelele, guitars

Roël Calister - percussion, vocals, drum programming, samples


Jeroen Vierdag - double bas

Astrid Haring - harp

Erik Rutjes - guitar

Neldrick Martis - programming and sound design op 3. Reina Di Pordon

Bulería - accompaniment on track 3. Reina Di Pordon