On this her second album Izaline reverted further back to the traditional rhythms and musical styles of Curaçao. For example she recorded ‘Vlamayo Cositu’ with probably 200 year old lyrics about a mother who is unable to protect her child of famine, thirst, illness and eventually, death. A story that is characteristic for the lives of thousands of mothers in 19th century Curaçao. On track 4. ‘M’a Yeg’atrobe’ you can hear the kachu, a wind-instrument made of a cowhorn, as it was used in traditional séu music. On this CD the cachu was blown by Nacho Geertruida. For the authentic tambú sound on this CD Izaline was very thankfull for the support of Grupo Trinchera.
Izaline is being accompanied by her regular band in those days with Randal Corsen, Eric Calmes, Pernell Saturnino and Niata Augusta.

2002 Eazy C Productions CTC-2990417 | Order through this site


1. Hòmber floho  - I. Calister, R. Corsen / I. Calister

2. Un mucha muhé  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

3. Lo mi ta band’i bo  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

4. M’a yeg’ atrobe  - R. Plaate / R. Plaate

5. E mariposa  - J. S. Corsen / E. Palm

6. Man na obra  - R. Corsen/ I. Calister

7. Pordon  - I. Calister / I. Calister

8. Vlemajo Cositu  - traditional

9. Pará  - E. Calmes

10. Unda bo ta  - R. Corsen / I. Calister

11. Ata mi aki  - R. Corsen

12. Hòmber floho (radio edit)  - I. Calister, R. Corsen / I. Calister

13. M’a yeg’ atrobe (radio edit)  - R. Plaate / R. Plaate


Izaline Calister - vocals, lead and backing

Niata Augusta, Monika Mao-Cheia - backing vocals

Ulrich de Jesus - guitars

Randal Corsen - piano

Eric Calmes - bass

Roël Calister - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Pernell Saturnino, Rendel Rosalia - percussion


Oene van Geel - violin

David Rothschild - trombone

Tony Lakatos - soprano saxophone

Hans van Oosterhout - drums

Genaro ‘Nacho’ Geertruida, José Zimmerman, Sharline Cordilia, Rendel Rosalia - kachu

Grupo Trinchera