First album released by German worldmusic-label Network

Thanks to the concerts she did in Germany with Jasper van ‘t Hoff’s Pili-pili and with the band Dissidenten Izaline got acquinted with the people of Network. Thanks to them Izaline’s music was distributed world-wide. Like her previous albums this CD too was composed of original compositions by Izaline, Eric Calmes and Randal Corsen, completed with one adaptation of the Curaçaoan song ‘Mi Sòpi’. Second track is Izaline’s big hitsong ‘Wow’i Kariño’, that was written by Randal Corsen with lyrics by Izaline Calister.
The CD was recorded with Shirma Rousse in the backings and with the Strings Unlimited string quartet.

2004 | NETWORK 26.258 | EAN 7 85965 10592 1 | Order through this site


1. Áwaseru  - R. Corsen/ I. Calister

2. Wow’i kariño  - R. Corsen/ I. Calister

3. Mi Sòpi  - R. Recordino / Isidora, extra lyrics: I. Calister

4. Yudami Lubida  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

5. Ta abo so   - E. Calmes / I. Calister

6. Redashi R. Corsen/ I. Calister

7. Dia Liber  - I. Calister / I. Calister

8. Aworó  - R. Corsen/ I. Calister

9. Ki bo ke  - R. Corsen/ I. Calister

10. Mi Sekreto  - E. Calmes / I. Calister

11. Ultimo Amor  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

12. Telenovela  - I. Calister/ I. Calister


Izaline Calister - lead en backing vocals

Niata Augusta, Shirma Rousse - backing vocals

Ulrich de Jesus - guitars

Randal Corsen - piano

Eric Calmes - bass

Roël Calister - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Pernell Saturnino, Rendel Rosalia - percussion

string quartet ‘Strings Unlimited’

Herman van Haaren - violin

Jeanneke Biessen - violin

Yvonne van de Pol - violin

Saartje van Camp - cello