Kanta Hélele

Second album released by the Gereman label Network

Izaline recorded this album with an entirely renewed band, with José Lopretti on piano and Reno Steba on bass. And it’s the first cooperation with guitar-player Ed Verhoeff, who would proof to be a loyal companion throughout both their musical careers up to the present. The CD features the most brilliant Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and genious violinist Oene van Geel. It includes smasher ‘Mi So den Boso’, the sensitive ‘Nada Den Mi Man’, and the tambú ‘Mitar Di Shete’. Tenth track is ‘Lamento Di Mosa Nena’, Izaline’s respons to the famous ballad of Buchi Fil by poet Pierre Lauffer. This song was starting-point for the production of ‘Geen liefde zonder vrijheid’, a show Izaline made in cooperation with the Volksoperahuis that featured Jörgen Raymann next to herself in a leading part.

2006 | NETWORK 495113 | Order through this site


1. Mi So Den Boso  - L. Samson/ L. Samson; extra lyrics: I. Calister

2. Kasa Ku Mi  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

3. Kanta Hélele  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

4. Nada Den Mi Man  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

5. Bisami Si   - I. Calister/ I. Calister

6. Dia Bo Pagami (Recaditos No)   - J. Formell/ lyrics in Papiamentu: I. Calister

7. Karnaval Di Zumbi  - B. Margarita/ R. Simon

8. Ban Wap’é  - R. Steba/ I. Calister

9. Kerido Amigu  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

10. Lamento Di Mosa Nena  - I. Calister/ I. Calister

11. Mitar Di Shete  - I. Calister/ I. Calister


Izaline Calister - lead and backing vocals

Niata Augusta, Giovanca Ostiana - backing vocals

Wim Both - trumpet

David Rothschild - trombone

Ed Verhoeff - guitars

José Lopretti - piano

Reno Steba - bass

Roël Calister - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Pernell Saturnino, Rendel Rosalia - percussion


Eric Vloeimans - trumpet

Saartje van Camp - cello

Oene van Geel - violin

Zou Diarra - guitar