Un kanto pa Latino Amérika

Seventh CD of Izaline with her own band. A great album, yet the most unknown pearl in her oeuvre. She made this one inspired by love of the Latinamerican music, for the first time recording in the Spanish language. With ‘Gracias A La Vida’, made famous by the performance of Mercedes Sosa. With a medley of 4 broken-heart-songs in the Spanish language, among which Lloraras and Usted Abuso. With the hit-potent piece ‘Damelo Aqui’ in Spanish-Papiamentu and the soukous-like ‘Pirata Di Amor’, a cooperation with Roël Calister. As a bonus-track Izaline added the song ‘Sírkulo’, that she made together with rapper Fresku.
With a hornsection consisting of Ben van den Dungen on sax and Ruud Breuls on trumpet.

2012 | EZC Records CTC-2990650 | Order through this site


1. Aniversario (Anniversary)

    - I. Calister

2. Damelo Aqui (Kiss me here)

    - I. Calister

3. Gracias A La Vida (Thanks to life)

    - V. Parra

4. Sosegá Ta Mihó (Take it easy)

    - I. Calister

5. Bon Man’e Un Habon (Tasty as a pastry)

    - I. Calister

6. De Repente (Suddenly)

    - A. Romero

7. Kantika Di Despecho (Broken-heart songs) medley

    - I. Calister

    a. Lloraras - O. D’Leon

    b. Usted Abusó - Antonio Carlos and Jocafi

    c. Despues De Ti No Hay Nada - R. Perez

    d. Corazon Partío - A. Sanz

8. Mi Sa (I know)

    - I. Calister

9. Pirata Di Amor (Love-pirate)

    - I. Calister/ R. Calister

10. Sírkulo (Circles)

    - I. Calister/ R. Reymound/ F. Sens

11. Un Kurason (A hart)

    - I. Calister

The band

Izaline Calister - vocals (lead, backing, effects)

Marc Bischoff - piano, accordeon, backing vocals

Yerman Aponte - bass, kwarta, backing vocals

Ed Verhoeff - guitars

Enrique Firpi - drums

Rya Grijt - backing vocals

Julio Hernandez - sound engineer


Ruud Breuls - trumpet, flugelhorn

Ben van den Dungen - saxophones

Mark Alban Lotz - flute

Marijn van der Linden - cavaquinho

Ben Mathot - violin

Roël Calister - drums, percussion

Vernon Chatlein, Gerardo Rosales, Udo Demandt - percussion