Di Fiesta

Featuring the Aruban folklore-group Grupo di Betico and famous poet and reciter Nidia Ecury

A cheerful X-mas- and holiday-CD with the a mix of own compositions, known songs from Curaçao en adaptations in Papiamentu of songs from the American songbook. With the hit ‘Bendishoná’, with ‘Ata Papa Pasku Ta Bin’, the translation of ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’, and with ‘Niño Krioyo’, an extraordinary adaptation of a ricital by Nidia Ecury, accompanied by the lovely people of Grupo Serenada. And with a real New Year’s tambú as title song!

EZC Records CTC-299061 | Order through this site


1. Dushi Dia

    - I. Calister/ I. Calister

2. Papa Pasku Ta Bin (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)

    – J.F. Coots/ J.L. Gillespie; Papiamentu tekst: I. Calister

3. Vaye Berde

    - J.C. de Pool/ P. v.d. Pavert

4. Mi Paranda (Aguinaldo Antillano)

    - C. Ferrer; Papiamentu tekst: I. Calister

5. Bendishoná

    - H. Croes/ H. Croes

6. E Karta

    - I. Calister/ I. Calister

7. Pòtpurí Di Aguinaldo (Medley of aguinaldo’s)

    a. Niño Lindo - Venezolan traditional

    b. Corre Caballito - Venezolan traditional

    c. Fuego Al Cañon - Venezolan traditional

    d. Din Din Din - Venezolan traditional

    e. El Burrito Sabanero - H. Blanco

    f. Faltan Cinco Pa’ Las Doce - O. Oropeza

    - Lyrics in Papiamentu: I. Calister

8. Maria Bo T’a Sa (Mary Did You Know)

    - B. Green/ M. Lowry; Papiamentu tekst: I. Calister

9. Ketu Ketu Ketu

    - R. Plaate/ V. Boogaart-Muzo

10. Pasku Ku Bosnan (The Christmas Song)

    - M. Tormé/ R. Wells, M. Tormé; Papiamentu tekst: I. Calister

11. Di Fiesta

    - I. Calister/ I. Calister

12. Hesus Nos A Yega (Oh Come All Ye Faithfull)

    - J.F. Wade/ F. Oakeley; Lyrics in Papiamentu: onbekend

13. Un Niño Krioyo (Si La Virgen Fuera Andina)

    - Venezolan traditional; Lyrics in Papiamentu: N. Ecury

The band

Izaline Calister - vocals (lead en backing)

Marc Bischoff - piano, backing vocals, soundeffects

Yerman Aponte - bass, kwarta, backing vocals, wiri, handclaps

Roël Calister - percussion, soundeffects

Ed Verhoeff - guitars

Enrique Firpi - drums

Rya Grijt - lead vocal in ‘Mi Paranda’, backing vocals, handclaps


Ruud Breuls - trumpet

Sigrun Jonsdottir - trombone

Magogo Chamber Orchestra dir. by Arjan Tien - violins

Angelitos childrens-choir dir. by Ruthy Pantoflet - backing vocals

HR childrens-choir dir. by Hershel and Najee Rosario (Najee Rosario; Kiara Thode; Giada Salazar; Julianne Curiel; Elique Curiel) - backing vocals

Grupo di Betico - accompaniment in 5. ‘Bendishoná’

Leoni Jansen - angelchoir on 6. ‘E Karta’

Dudok Kwartet (Judith van Driel; Marleen Wester; Mark Mulder; David Faber) - string quartet

David Faber - cello

Nydia Ecury - voice on 13. ‘Un Niño Krioyo’

Grupo Serenada - backing vocals and accompaniment on 13. ‘Un Niño Krioyo’