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Grupo Zamanakitoki

With the formation of his new band Zamanakitoki Eric Calmes returned to his musical roots. The band, entailing a fusion of Caribbean rhythms and jazz, offers ample opportunity to further develop his unique and innovative musical ideas.

Within Grupo Zamanakitoki different traditional and modern styles of the Antilles, such as tumba, Musik di Zumbi, danza, seú, waltz and mazurka are blended with jazz. Other genres from the aribbean, such as calypso, merengue, zouk and raggae are a source of inspiration for Grupo Zamankitoki.

Grupo Zamanakitoki released the cd ‘Kaya Grandi’ in 1996.
With Izaline they recorded Wiseguy, released in 1998

Izaline Calister - vocals
Mikel Foendoe - keyboards
Cedric Dandaré - guitar
Eric Calmes - bass, double bass
Pedro Libert - violin, piano
Russel ‘Konki’ Hallmeyer - steeldrums
Dennis Aalse - trumpet
Erwin ‘Albi’ Navas - alto sax, flute, percussion
Garry Francisco - drums, percussion
James ‘Boy’ Janga - percussion
Javier ‘Yuchi’ Cordoba - percussion