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Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw

Izaline joins the Jazzorchestra on different occasions.

2005 | Classical-Swing crossover - Izaline starred in an extraordinary project that involved the classical ‘Gelders Orkest’ and ‘The Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw’. With musical director Henk Meutgeert, known for his confrontational and experimental cross-overs of different styles of music. The program included pieces of Gershwin’s ‘Porgy and Bess’, compositions of Duke Ellington (‘Caravan’) and of conductor Meutgeert himself.
Special arrangements were made for this exceptional occasion. In Arnhem the concert was part of the Spring Jazzfestival.

At the Bimhuis Festival, they did a concert with a focus on musicians from Curaçao. The concert featured Randal Corsen, Pernell Saturnino, Eric Calmes and Liber Torriente.

In 2003 a special christmas-con cert was planned. Next to Izaline two beautiful Dutch singers were joining in: Mathilde Santing and Francien van Tuinen.

In 2002, there was a special children’s ‘Sinterklaas’-concert in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Again Izaline performed as a guest of Henk Meutgeert and his Jazzorchestra. The children, eagerly waiting for ‘Sinterklaas’, were entertained with swinging big band renditions of traditional ‘Sinterklaas’-songs. Izaline also acted as co-presenter.

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