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Gerrit de Boer - guitars, vocals
Digmon Roovers - guitars, vocals
Sebastiaan Kaptein - percussion

In the nine years they’ve been playing together, the members of Jamesz developed a singing language of their own. They play compositions by all three members and one or two standards.

Izaline met the musicians of Jamesz during her studies at the conservatory in Groningen. She was fascinated by their highly original music and good vibes, so she invited Jamesz to accompany her during her final exams.

When Jamesz was preparing for the release of their second album ‘Fatuh’ in 1999, they asked Izaline to feature as a guest vocalist. Later Jamesz won the first edition of The Dutch Jazz Competition. In November and December 2000 Izaline and Jamesz toured some 20 Dutch jazz-clubs as part of the YOUNG VIPS tour.

With Jamesz Izaline also performed at the North Sea Jazzfestival and Tabarka Jazz Festival in Tunis.

Check their own site and get acqainted with the original music of Jamesz.