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Drummer Marlon Klein of Pili Pili invited Izaline to join his German world-music formation Dissidenten. Izaline had 1 week to get ready and replace lead singer Bajka who had to cancel on the tour. The first gig with the Dissi’s was at the Stuttgart Jazzfestival surrounded by television cameras and an audience of a few thousand Dissidenten fans. By far, this was Izaline’s most stressful first gig ever.
With the Dissidenten, Izaline recorded the live CD ‘Live in Europe’ and played renowned festivals like ‘Montreux Jazzfestival’, Glastonburry Festival in England and ‘Roskilde Festival’.
More on www.dissidenten.com

Izaline Calister - vocals
Manickam Yogeswaran - vocals, kanjira
Noujoum Ouazza - vocals, mandolincello
Thomas Kessler - keyboards
Marlon Klein - drums
Friedo Josch - flute, sax
Uve Müllrich - bass