The Izaline Calister Band
Involved musicians

Giovanca Ostiana

Giovanca recorded for two of the latest cd’s of Izaline Calister, Kanta Hélele and Speransa. She regularly showed up as backing vocalist on several live-performances of the band. Known to make contributions to several projects like She Got Game, Benny Sings, Corey, Dox Orchestra, we now see this beautiful singer grow in her own solo-career. More on her site,

Jeannine La Rose

On special occasions, the chorus is reinforced with the beautiful voice of Surinam singer Jeannine La Rose. In addition to that, she occasionally replaces Niata as background singer. See also

Shirma Rouse

Shirma is known to sing with Tasha’s World and Curaçao big-band Tumbabo. She also contributed to the third release of izaline Calister, KROYO.

Niata Augusta

Living in Curaçao, Niata is singer of the very popular tambú-group Trinchera. Specialized in the so-called ‘telelele’-style, Niata adds the typical Antillian spice to the band-performance. Every time Izaline visits the Dutch Antilles, Niata joins the band during live performances.

José Lopretti

Just a short sum-up of the musicians he was and is envolved with should be sufficient. Lopretti performed and recorded with Michael Simon, Konstantin Klashtorni, Efraïm Trujillo, Leonardo Amuedo, Joe Rivera, Jaime Rodriquez, Ana Beck, Fleurine Verloop, etc, etc. Versatile musician Jose Lopretti is known to play the bass as well, and released his own cd, called ‘Candombe’.

Randal Corsen

Whether he is playing with the IC-band, in duet with Izaline or leading his own projects, Corsen will feature as a great soloist. This talented piano-player has also been responsible for most of the arrangements of the band and some wonderful compositions on three IC releases. During their musical careers, Randal and Izaline have found much inspiration in working with each other.
In 2003 Randal released his critically acclaimed cd ‘Evolushon’.

Ulrich de Jesus

With his array of sounds, Ulrich builds the bridge between traditional and modern. His knowledge of the traditional rhythms of Curaçao, his ‘rocking teenage years’ and his conservatory studies make him very well suited for this job. The band’s arrangements rely heavily on his ability to sound African, rocky, jazzy but always keeping the ‘dushi Korsou’ feel.

Andro Biswane

This Surinam-born guitarist and bandleader studied classic and jazz at the conservatory. He studied Afro culture in Senegal, Ghana, South-Africa, Mali and Gambia, played and toured with David Murray, Lester Bowie, Steve Williamson, El Canario, Toumani Diabate, Habib Koite, and Basekou Kouyate. He’s member of the Afro-Jazz group Fra-Fra sound. With them he recorded the Mali Jazz cd in the studio of Salif Keita. More at

Randy Winterdal

More on his own site,

Reno Steba

Born on Aruba as son of trumpeter Oscar Steba, Reno had success with his own band,‘Earth Sensation’, and worked as studio-musician and composer, producing several albums. He played with famous musicians as Jaco Pastorius and guitarist John Abercrombie. Check his own site at

Eric Calmes

This highly respected musician stood at the cradle of Izaline’s current style of music. He invited Izaline in 1997 to sing in his formation Zamanakitoki, and in doing so, re-introduced her to the rich traditions of the Curaçaoan music. Eric has been a part of the Dutch jazz-scene for an impressive 25 years working steadily on his reputation of being a very original composer-arranger and a great bassman. Eric composed and arranged for the albums ‘Soño di un muhé’, ‘Mariposa’ and ‘Krioyo’. Photo: Jos Krabbe

Roël Calister - drums, percussion

As the younger brother of Izaline, Roël was the first addition to the IC-band. Interested in old Curaçao traditions he taught himself to play the kachu (a cow horn), the benta and many other traditional instruments so important to the sound of the group. By now he has developed and earned a name for himself in music, playing with Portuguese singer Sara Tavares and Aruba-based Intwine, to name two. More of his whereabouts on

Photo: Guus Quaedvlieg, © Q-design

Roderick Volk

After he did his exam at the Conservatory in Rotterdam Volk toured with the Ricciotti Ensemble in 2008 where Izaline met with him. You meet him on Facebook.
Photo: Theo Meijer

Rendel Rosalia

Youngster Rosalia, the new-comer from Curaçao, inherited a famous name in tambú-circles, playing in the famous Grupo Trinchera. He is indeed a specialist on the tambú-drum, featuring masterly in Soño di tur muhé. Lately, he performed in the international events Festival del Fuego at Santiago de Cuba and Carifesta VIII in Surinam.

Pernell Saturnino

Saturnino has been traveling around the world making music almost all his life. Legendary in Curaçao for being a respected member of the New York jazz-scene for many years (playing with David Sánchez and Paquito d’Rivera) it was like a dream come true for Izaline when he moved to Holland. Due to his vast knowledge of traditional Curaçao-percussion, his specific style of chapi-playing and an uncanny sense of tempo and groove, Izaline sometimes refers to Saturnino as ‘dr. Beat’. More on Photo: David Rothschild

Gerardo Rosales

Izaline and her band were very happy to have Gerardo Rosales fill in the position of Pernell every now and then. The Venezuelan percussionist found his way in the specific Curaçao-music through the closely related traditional rhythms of Venezuela. His contribution added a surprising feel to the originally Caribean grooves. Visit his own site at

Martin Verdonk

This Curaçao-born percussion-player studied music in The Netherlands and Cuba. A shortlist of artists he played with shows his versatility: Steve Winwood, Prince, Santana, Elvis Crespo, George Benson, Son by Four, and the list goes on. He joins the band of Izaline Calister for theatre-tour ‘Krioyo 04-05’. With his participation he returns to the music of his youth. Check his own site at
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