Last year’s theatre show: ‘Van de andere kant’ in reprise


As a follow-up of the theatre-show about her father and birth island Curaçao, Izaline produced a performance about how the Dutch and the Antilleans see eachother. What strikes them about the other country? Lightfooted the differences and prejudices are being pilloried in this musical battle with Thijs Borsten on piano and guitar. From February until May '24 in theatres all over The Netherlands.

Check the schedule for dates and venues.

This performance has been made possible by NORMA.

Once again on tour with (the music of) Harry Belafonte


Together with singer Leoni Jansen, pianist Thijs Borsten and percussionist Roël Calister Izaline can be seen in Dutch theatres in January and February '24. They reprise their show about the American singer and actor, called ‘De eeuw van Harry Belafonte’. Belafonte build an enormous career with lots of well-know and unknown songs, that the quartet play in surprising adaptations. The show shines a light on his envolvement in the Civil Rights Movement, too.

Check the schedule for dates and venues.

New theatreshow 'Tula en Juliet'


Izaline is touring with her new 2023-2024 theatreshow, called ‘Tula en Juliet’. In it Izaline talks about the biggest slave-revolt in Curaçao and its leader, Tula. Izaline investigated how his heritage affected the live of Juliet, a great-great-grandmother of Izaline. Juliet was born in slavery and experienced the abolution of slavery in Curaçao in 1863. She was a woman like thousands of black women on Curaçao who didn't grew old, but she turned out to be the matriarch of two big families on Curaçao.

In this show Izaline is accompanied by Ed Verhoeff (guitar), Ilja Reijngoud or Pablo Martínez or Efe Erdem (trombone) and Vernon Chatlein or Lidrick Solognier (percussion). More info.
In Dutch theatres in October, November and December. Check the schedule for dates and venues!

Reviews (Dutch):
'…een ode aan Tula en aan de zwarte voorouders in hun strijd om te leven en overleven…' Theaterkrant.

'…Tula & Juliet is een viering van het doorzettingsvermogen van de Antilliaanse tot slaafgemaakten, waaruit zowel de eilanders als niet-eilanders kunnen putten…' De Volkskrant.

‘Tula Lives!’ Thursday 17 August on Dutch national tv


The documentary ‘Tula Leeft’ follows singer Izaline's journey to Curaçao with musician and friend Thijs Borsten as they explore an island's historical event — the slave uprising led by Tula over 200 years ago. The film showcases the significance of Tula and that revolt, which is remembered on Dia di Tula (Tula Day) on August 17th. Through interviews with experts and visits to important locations, the documentary sheds light on the legacy of Tula and its impact on modern Curaçaoan society.

Izaline and Thijs are thrilled broadcasting company NTR broadcasted their film on Tula Day on Dutch national television. Izaline aims to share Tula's story with the Dutch population, fostering awareness and understanding of the island's history and ongoing struggles for social justice.

If you missed it on 17 August, check NPO-Start to watch it as yet.

Book: 'Ons koloniale verleden'


Last year, Izaline wrote an article about Tula that was published in ‘De Volkskrant’. The article is now included in the publication ‘Ons koloniale verleden in vijftig voorwerpen’, a book that recently was presented at ‘De nacht van de Geschiedenis’. It was edited by renowned historians and journalists. The book sheds a new and amplifying light on Dutch colonial past. More about the book, visit www.alfabetuitgevers.

Bon dia goeiemorgen - Izaline with kompa Nanzi on stage!


The concerts with the children’s songs from the book ‘Bon dia goeiemorgen’ are now extended to a theatrical version with storytelling and with Nanzi himzelf as a special guest, starring in ‘Baka pinta’! Izaline is accompanied by her loyal keyboardist Thijs Borsten and percussionist Danny Rombout. Last september it premiered with two try-outs in The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Tour starts this month (February), don’t miss out on this one!
Check the schedule for dates and venues!

This tour is made possible by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Norma fonds.

To order a copy of the book and cd 'Bon dia goeiemorgen', click here.

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CD and book 'Bon dia goeiemorgen' NOW in your mailbox!


Izaline chose 23 childrens-songs from her youth on Curaçao. She had them translated in Dutch and recorded them singing in both languages.

She had an illustrator make colourful drawings and now it has become a small childrens book! A tour down memorylane for those who grew up on Curaçao, Aruba or Bonaire, a lesson in Papiamentu for the Dutch, a feast for everyone. The project has been called 'Bon dia goeiemorgen' after the first song. Order your copy now. We send it already to a lot of people (in The Netherlands, that is...)

To order a copy of the book and cd 'Bon dia goeiemorgen', click here!

Klik hier voor bestellingen van het boek met de cd 'Bon dia goeiemorgen'!

Liedje Voor Jou

Accompanied by Thijs Borsten

Ik wil alleen zijn met de Zee

Accompanied by Thijs Borsten

with Daniel de Moraes on guitar